Liz in a dress and blazer, in front of a fireplaceI am an assistant professor in the department of Communication and Culture at Indiana University. In May 2012, I completed my PhD at University of Wisconsin – Madison. In my dissertation, “Access Ability: Policies, Practices, and Representations of Disability Online,” I examined web accessibility policies and conducted ethnographic research on a disability blogosphere in order to interrogate the affordances and constraints of digital media and the nature of media access more broadly.

My research and teaching interests include digital and social media, participatory culture, celebrity and performance of the self, the intersectional study of disability, television studies, the construction of the public, and cultural studies. My work has appeared inTelevision and New Media and Cinema Journal. A fuller CV is available.

This site hosts my research and teaching materials, as well as a briefly-maintained blog, Dis/Embody. That title was a bit of a pun on the allegedly disembodied space of the internet and the real experiences of embodiment, ability, and disability that color presentations of online identity and that allow and constrain particular activities.

“Trilliz,” a concatenation of a wildflower (trillium, seen above) and my name, is my usual online handle. Find me, and things I like, elsewhere:

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