Elizabeth Ellcessor


Liz, with short dark hair and clear glasses, standing outside.I am an assistant professor of cinema and media studies in the department of Communication and Culture at Indiana University.

My research is located the intersection of cultural, media, and disability studies. My book-length manuscript, Enabling Access, details the phenomenon of digital media accessibility for people with disabilities. By examining media from this marginalized perspective, it becomes possible to see how varied experiences of media access can be, and how this variation complicates traditional categories of media and cultural studies research.

My broader research and teaching interests include media history, access, and literacy, as well as social media, participatory culture, celebrity and performance of the self, media convergence, the construction of the public, and representations of dis/ability.

This site hosts my research and teaching materials, as well as a briefly-maintained blog, Dis/Embody. That title was a bit of a pun on the allegedly disembodied space of the internet and the real experiences of embodiment, ability, and disability that color presentations of online identity and that allow and constrain particular activities.

“Trilliz,” a concatenation of a wildflower (trillium, seen above) and my name, is my usual online handle. Find me, and things I like, elsewhere:

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