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Cartoon of a man running to the leftI’ve been pretty swamped with work lately, followed by a rare vacation, and starting a running program, and now I’m sick, so blogging has not been a top priority. That said, there are several things I wanted to blog and didn’t get to:

Disabled” – This episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (3/24/10) is a sort of updated Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, as a woman abuses her sister, who suffers from severe MS, and the detectives try to solve her recent rape. Obviously, it’s in the very special episode tradition, we learn some background about Ice-T’s character (his grandfather died in a nursing home), and there are a lot of poor language choices (“the handicapped”), but I did think it presented the prevalence of abuse and rape of women with disabilities as serious problems, and largely treated the victim respectfully in terms of her ability to communicate on her own. Interesting timing for me, too, as I just read this Feministe post about sexual assault and disability.

The National Broadband Plan came out a few weeks ago, and I intended to do a real read-through and summarize the ways in which disability protections are and are not included. Sadly, I haven’t even read the whole thing yet – for those of you in the US and interested in internet policy and/or disability, I’m sure it’s a worthwhile read!

Finally, I wanted to post about the accessibility options on Apple’s new iPad (I got to touch one over the weekend!), but I don’t know how much I can contribute without having given it a full test drive. Check out Assistive Technology for Mac– their site is down now, but I know they had a full review out the other day.

That’s it for now – in a month, my school work will be winding down and I can get back to blogging!


  1. What running program have you started? I’m not good at much- but I know that area.

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  2. I’m trying Couch to 5K, because I’m inept. It’s going ok so far!

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