21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act takes over my Saturday

Considering that the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (which needs a shorter name – 21CCVAA?) is likely to be a landmark communications and civil rights law, and will also be seriously important to my dissertation research, I’ve thrown out all of my previous plans for today to focus on creating a bit of a web archive on this particular moment for later analysis. I’m going through news, downloading full text of various versions of the bill, spending a lot of time in Thomas.gov, going through information on the House and Senate bills. And watching Step Up 2: The Streets.

I started by bookmarking and downloading this White House video of the signing, which is really worth watching in full:

Also, I realize that I haven’t mentioned Rosa’s Law here – signed by Obama earlier this week, this replaces the phrase “mental retardation” in federal laws with the phrase “intellectual disability,” a notable step in attempts to move away from stigmatizing language.

That’s all – back to web searching and archiving and annotating and all that good stuff.

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