After taking last week off for US Thanksgiving, I’m not going to manage a substantive blog post here this week, either. I’m taking off for Ohio later today, where tomorrow I’ll be giving a talk about the concept of “participatory media” and disability and online accessibility. And it’s a busy week, because I’ll also have a post going up on Friday at the end of In Media Res’ week on Disability in the Media. My piece builds on some of what I’ve already written about Fable 3’s segment “The Blindness,” but so far, pieces by Katie Ellis and Bill Kirkpatrick have also been really thought-provoking.

And, I can’t say enough good things about s.e. smith’s post on accessibility/usability in website design. The comments are really interesting, as well, pointing to the general lack of accessibility education and implementation in web professions and among casual users.

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